Graphic Design, Web Design, User Experience and SEO

Hello, my name is Jesse Nivens. I’m a Graphic, Web and Interface designer living and working in Springfield, Missouri, though I work with people all over the world. My experience is wide-ranging: In the design world I’ve worked as an art director for a grammy-nominated rock band, design director on a print magazine and an ad designer in various formats. My favorite projects in the design field have been MP3/iTunes graphics, tour promotion, merchandising and album artwork (for both independent and major record labels).

On the web, I’ve worked as a web director overseeing design, content development and the final development or building of websites (with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash… Both stand-alone or on content management systems like WordPress). But there’s more to the digital side of this job than just websites: I’m really good at search engine optimization (which is probably how you found me), email marketing, and I’ve been involved with many different viral marketing projects that have garnered hundreds of thousands of views, likes, RTs and other social reactions.

On the marketing side, I’ve worked as both a marketing director and an independent marketing consultant. I know what people want to see, what they respond to, what they like and what they hate. I understand people, and the steps needed to focus them on a product, project or idea. I know Facebook, Twitter and Social Media as it is used by businesses and organizations: how to manage the accounts and make them work.

I’m also often called on by software and app developers to consult them on how their app should function, how the user should move through it, and all other aspects of interface design. I’ve worked on app interfaces for Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Facebook Xbox and desktop software.

Sometimes all of that doesn’t keep me busy enough, so I’ve taken up teaching a limited number of typography, graphic design and web design classes at Missouri State University.